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Grameenphone Internet service

Internet Services
Grameenphone EDGE

Grameenphone brings you EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution), an advanced mobile technology which enables high-speed mobile Internet and data services. It is about 8 times faster than GPRS.

Benefits of EDGE:
With EDGE, you can . . . Get Internet access any time, remain connected all the time wherever you are, and have a great web surfing experience.
Surf the Internet with super-fast speed from your handset. Browse contents more easily on your mobile phone. Send and receive e-mails through your mobile phone. Send and receive multimedia (pictures, sounds) messages. Download better quality contents: high-quality ring tones, wallpapers, songs, movie clips, videos, animated logos, and themes that will let you customize your handset in many ways. Receive incoming calls even while browsing. Once the call ends, your data transfer will resume automatically from the place it stopped. And lots more…Note: GPRS handset users will also be able to enjoy these services.

What do I need to use EDGE?
You'll need an EDGE/GPRS and MMS-enabled handset to send and receive MMS, connect to the Internet and download contents. Your handset must also be configured to the Grameenphone EDGE Network.

What are the EDGE services?
GP is offering the following EDGE services:
Web surfing (yahoo, google etc.). Send and receive MMS (pictures, audio clips, video clips, texts). Download games, animations, wallpapers, video and audio clips, polyphonic tones, true tones, themes, color logos etc. In addition, you can also use your handset as a dial-up modem. To use your handset as a modem, Click here to download the instruction file.

Available EDGE packages:
Two types of packages are available for EDGE service. Package 1 (P1) is pay-as-you-go. It is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. There is no monthly fees for this package; only browsing and downloading charges. In case of content download, charge includes both price of content and charge for downloading.Package 2 (P2) is only for GP Postpaid subscribers. Subscribers only have to pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited browsing for a whole month. However, they have to pay content download fee separately.

How to subscribe to EDGE?
To subscribe to Package 1 (P1), send an SMS to 5000 writing P1
To subscribe to Package 2 (P2), send an SMS to 5000 writing P2
You can enjoy GP internet service on your cell phone within 24 hours of sending the SMS and will also receive three (3) handset settings (Internet, WAP, MMS). Please save all three settings and if necessary write 1234 as PIN.*Normal SMS charge will apply.
How to configure WAP/MMS/Internet through SMS?*

WAP Settings:
To obtain WAP settings through SMS, please send following SMS to 8080 – WAP . Save the reply SMS with PIN 1234, if required. For example, for Nokia 3220, write “WAP Nokia 3220” and send it to 8080.

MMS Settings:
To obtain MMS settings, please send following SMS to 8080 – MMS . Save the reply SMS with PIN 1234, if required. For example, for Nokia 3220, write “MMS Nokia 3220” and send it to 8080.

Internet Settings:
To obtain Internet settings, please send following SMS to 8080 – Internet . Save the reply SMS with PIN 1234, if required. For example, for Nokia 3220, write “Internet Nokia 3220” and send it to 8080.Subscribers need to send three separate SMS for each setting, that is for WAP, MMS and Internet. *Some handsets do not support SMS-based settings which need to be configured through manual settings.

How to deactivate EDGE?
To deactivate EDGE service, send an SMS writing off to 5000. You will receive a reply message saying “Thank you very much for using EDGE. Your request has been accepted. Your EDGE service will be deactivated within 24 hours.” Normal SMS charge will apply. For any problems or queries, subscribers can call GP Call Center at 121 (for Prepaid) or 122 (for Postpaid) or 707 (for djuice) or 9882990.

How to identify handset model number?
First, switch off the phone and remove the battery. The handset model is printed on the label inside your phone.

How to configure WAP/MMS/Internet manually?

Manual WAP Settings:
Profile/Settings Name = GP-WAPAPN (Access Point Name) = gpwapWAP Gateway (Proxy) IP = Gateway (Proxy) Port = 8080WAP Homepage = http://wap.gpworl.comData Bearer = GPRS

Manual MMS Settings:
Profile/Settings Name = GP-MMSAPN (Access Point Name) = gpmmsGateway (Proxy) IP = (Proxy) Port = 8080Relay Server URL = http://mms.gpsurf.net/servlets/mmsData Bearer = GPRSManual Internet Settings: Profile/Settings Name = GP-INTERNETAPN (Access Point Name) = gpinternet

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service):
Now you have a new, exciting way of sharing messages. With MMS you can customize your message with a variety of contents like pictures, audio and video clips (up to 100 KB), animations, music and of course texts. Share pictures of yourself, your friends and family, the places you visit. Send an important flowchart or presentation to your boss right away. If your handset supports, you can also send video clips – like that excellent cover drive your favorite batsman has just played. If you don't have a camera phone, don't worry. We have loads of pictures, animations and clips that you can download on your handset and use.

How do I send an MMS?
Sending MMS is easy. Just follow these steps (may vary according to handsets):
1. Go to "messages" option2. Select "multimedia messages"3. Select "create message"4. Write your message. Then click "options"5. Select "insert image", open the image files and select the picture you want to send6. Select "insert sound", open sound files and select the audio file you want to send7. You can insert more slides if you want8. After confirmation, select "options"9. Select "send to number" or10. You can also send MMS to an e-mail by selecting “send to e-mail” option in your handset. You can send e-mail to yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.Note: Total message size has to be within 100 KB.It varies from hand-set to hand-set

How do I visit websites?
You need an EDGE/GPRS enabled phone set to browse the Internet. You also need to activate EDGE for access. Once your phone is configured and activated for EDGE, you can start surfing right away.Following is a list of websites that you may browse through your handset. These are WAP sites or mobile sites specially designed for mobile devices. You may not be able to access some sites that are not WAP-compatible.http://mobile.yahoo.comhttp://mobile.google.comhttp://mobile.msn.com (for hotmail)http://www.bbc.co.ukhttp://wap.livescore.com http://mobile.fedex.com

How do I download contents?
1. On your handset, go to “Web Services" and select “Go to address/URL”2. The default home page is the Grameenphone WAP Portal <http://wap.gpworld.com>3. Once you are there, you'll find options to download ring tones, wallpapers, animation and much more4. Select the type of contents you want to download and open5. You'll find a list of contents6. You'll find the content information with price. Press "download"7. You'll have the option of saving the content or canceling itNote: Successful operation after download depends on handset compatibility to the downloaded content

What happens if I don't receive an MMS?
This may happen for several reasons -Scenario 1: Customer A sends an MMS to Customer B. However, Customer B does not have an MMS-enabled handset.Solution: Customer B will receive an SMS containing a web link and password. He/she can retrieve the message from the web within 72 hours.
Scenario 2: Customer A sends an MMS to Customer B and Customer B is out of EDGE network.Solution: GP will retry to send the MMS for 72 hours. Customer B will be able to retrieve the message as soon as he/she enters the EDGE network.
Can I send/receive calls while I'm connected to the EDGE network?
Yes. Your connection will be suspended only for the duration of the call. Once you end your conversation, your EDGE connection will resume automatically.

Can I use this service while I'm moving in a car?
Yes. However, the data transfer rate (speed) may depend upon connectivity and the speed of the vehicle.

What is the average download size of one page?
The volume differs among WAP pages. For an HTML site/mobile, an average WAP page is estimated to be about 5-10 KB, whereas it's around 10-20 KB for an XHTML site/mobile. For web pages, the size of the pages is larger, ranging from around 30 KB to as big as 100 KB.

How do I know that I'm connected to the EDGE network?
Depending on the handset, an icon/indicator will appear (it may be an inverted dark triangle if Ericsson, "GPRS" signal if Siemens, or a "G" if Nokia) indicating that you're connected to the EDGE/GPRS network.

Opera MiniTM
Opera Mini is a fast and tiny Web browser that allows you to access the Internet on your mobile phone. By downloading the free Opera Mini application, you can get access to webmail, community sites, news, blogs and more. All you have to do is go to wap.gpworld.com and click on the Opera Mini link to download the application.
Once you install Opera Mini, use it to browse through web sites and get the following benefits:

Access secure sites (https)
Upload photos from your mobile phone
Download files directly to your mobile phone from the Web
Opera Mini optimizes and compresses Web pages before they are sent to your phone. Thus, the data transferred to your phone is significantly reduced, making mobile surfing cheaper.
Opera Mini FAQ
Compatible Hand-set listhttp://www.operamini.com/download/pc/
Opera MiniTM Requirements:
1. EDGE/GPRS & Java enabled Mobile Phone
2. EDGE Connection
3. EDGE/GPRS Settings in the Phone
4. Preferred APN for Opera MiniTM: gpinternet
5. Download Opera MiniTM from
Opera MiniTM & SSR (Small Screen Rendering) are registered trade marks of Opera Software ASA.

Coverage Area of EDGE:
The whole country is under EDGE network. Wherever you’ll get GP connection, you’ll get GP EDGE connection.
List of Contents Offered:
Poly tonesTrue tonesWallpapersAnimationsColor LogosJ2ME GamesVideo ClipsThemesMP3 tones
Tariff Structure

Post Paid Only
Monthly Access Fee
BDT 1,000.00
Browsing Charge
BDT 0.02 / KB

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