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Advertising and promotional strategy of Keya cosmetics Limited


Nearly everyone in the modern world is influenced to some degree by advertising and other forms of promotion. Organizations in both the private and public sectors have learned that the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with their target audience is critical to their success. Advertising and other types of promotional messages are used to sell products and services as well as to promote causes, market political candidates, and deal with societal problems such as alcohol a drug abuse. Consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to avoid the efforts of marketers, who are constantly searching for new ways to communicate with them.
Most of the people involved in advertising and promotion will also tell you that there is no more dynamic and fascinating field to either practice or study. However, they will also tell you that the field is undergoing dramatic change that is changing advertising and promotion forever. The changes are coming from all side clients demanding better results from their advertising and promotional dollars; lean but highly creative smaller ad agencies; sales promotion and direct marketing firm, as well as interactive agencies, which want a larger share of the billions of dollars companies, spend each year promoting their products and services; consumers who no longer respond to traditional forms of advertising; and new technologies that may reinvent the very process of advertising. We are experiencing perhaps the most dynamic and revolutionary changes any era in the history of marketing, as well as advertising and promotion. These changes are being driven by advances in technology and developments that have led to the rapid growth of communications through interactive media, particularly the internet.
Keya cosmetics promotional activities is a part of it sales strategy. Keya mainly promoted their product by advertising, direct marketing, interactive marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations.


Care you in befitting manner with our continuous developed products that feels you better.
To manufacture and sell high quality cosmetics & toiletries products to the people of all age group within an affordable price. "No compromise with quality" is the key policy of the management. We do believe that, we are reasonable and accountable to all concern with whom we deal; namely: our employees, our business associates, our consumers and our shareholders.

ISO Certificate

Keya cosmetic limited is the leading cosmetics company in Bangladesh. The Keya cosmetics Ltd. Is now internationally recognized cosmetics and toiletries manufacturer following recipients of ISO Certificate including UKAS no. CI/8402 dated 11 July 2007, issued by certification international UK limited by maintaining improvement standard in the area of ISO standards namely: quality, environment, health and safety, human resources, technological advancement, research and development etc.

Corporate History

Incorporated as a privet Ltd. Company in the year 1996
Commercial production started in the year 1997
Converted into public Ltd. Company in year 1999
Initial public offering (IPL) 2001
Stock exchange listing
Dhaka stock exchange 2001
Chittagong stock exchange 2001
ISO certification 2007
Present status public limited company
Authorized capital in taka 700 million (as on 30.06.2007)
Paid up capital in taka 288 million (as on 30.06.2007)
Number of shares 2, 88, 00, 000 (as on 30.06.2007)
Number of shareholders 3,155 (as on 30.06.2007)
Business lines To Manufacture and Market Cosmetics &
Toiletries Commodities.
Turnover (net) in taka of 2007 1207.23 million
Export outlet India, Bhutan, UAE, Nepal, Kuwait, Sri Lanka,
Saudi Arabia & Myanmar.

Head office

Liaison office House # 108, Mosque Road, Old D.O.H.S.
Banani, Dhaka 1206
Ph: 8750259, Fax: 8751012
Factory jarun, konabari, gazipur.


Beauty soap

Weight size: 25 gm. 40gm. 50gm. 90gm&125gm
Color: white, pink, purple, green, lemon, orange, yellow, cream.
Category: herbal soap, baby soap.

Laundry soap

Weight size: 130gm, 145gm& 155gm.
Color: white, green yellow
Category: glycerin

Coconut oil

Weight size: 200 ml and 400 ml.
Color: natural
Category: hair oil with standard acid value

Beauty powder

Weight size: 100gm and 150 gm.
Color: white
Category: beauty talcum powder and prickly heat powder.

Petroleum jelly and lip gel

Weight size: 10gm, 15gm and 50gm.
Color: white and pink
Category: petroleum jelly and gel


Weight size: 45 gm, 70gm, 75 gm, 100gm, 140gm, 200gm,
Color: white, green, and red
Category: Fluoride and gel

Saving cream

Weight size: 50gm
Color: white
Category: cream

Washing powder

Major raw materials

Noodles: sodium salt of palmitic acid (100% vegetable fat)

Oil: RBD coco white from Singapore and double palm brand

Coconut oil from Sri Lanka.

Perfume: High quality perfume (different flavors) from Switzerland.

Coloring materials: coloring materials manufactured by clariant of

Switzerland and BASF of Germany.

Other: all other materials are also imported from
Netherlands, India, and Germany etc.

Bangladesh economy & Keya operational activities

During the FY 2006 the Bangladesh economy achieved a higher growth underpinned mainly by a strong post flood recovery in agriculture sector and notable expansion in manufacturing activities, despite facing excessive price hike of oil and some other importable in the international market. Economic growth was also aided by strong growth in export and remittance from non resident Bangladeshis. Real GDP growth FY 2006 was 607 percent, moderately higher than 6 percent of the FY 2005. Export earnings recorded a significantly higher growth of 21.6 percent. Remittance from non-resident Bangladeshis increasing substantially by 24.8 percent. Industrial sector contributed about 28 percent of total GDP of Bangladesh. Our foreign exchange reserve crossed us$ 4 billion mark for the first time at the beginning of the year 2007mainly due to significant inflow of remittance and export growth. Export continued its roaring march as usually despite there was an ongoing political crisis since the very beginning of the year. Total export crossed US$ 11 billion in 2006 against all odds at home abroad.

Moreover, most of the year has observed continuous price hike of essential items, especially fresh food items seriously affecting life and facing unavoidable hazard due to continuous increasing living standard against earnings of the common people. This had obviously negative impact on disposable income of general masses, whose expenditures on toiletries would decline as a resultant impact. This resulted negative impact on the sales volume of the company.


Keya cosmetics limited on of the leading cosmetics company in Bangladesh. Their advertising and promotional activities are more than any other company, past two year Keya is the leading advertising company in Bangladesh. They already expend 77354779 taka in recent two year for their advertising purpose. Keya promotional strategy is different from other company, give Keya shop two cover take on shop free is the firs popular promotional offer by Keya cosmetics ltd. Keya cosmetics also sponsor of the most popular magazine program in Bangladesh.
At last we can say that advertising and promotional strategy is the main part of modern marketing. Sales are very much depending on advertising and promotional offer of by company. Keya cosmetics also very much depend on their advertising and promotional activities and our analysis also show this types of data so Keya cosmetics sales very much depend on their advertising and promotional activities.


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