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case studies: Vicks Pizza Corporation (Service Marketing)

Question No 1

1. Flowchart Vicks service delivery system from receipt of the order to delivery of the pizza to the customer. Why are pizza sometimes delivered late?

Vicks pizza service delivery system is mainly speed base delivery system, company main slogan it’s quick at Vick’s pizza; so Vicks Pizza Company’s promise to home delivery a pizza within 30 minutes of a phone order or cut $3 off the price of pizza to fail to delivery within 30 minutes. Vicks pizza have thousands of outlets to delivery pizza to there customer. When a customer give order by phone to Vicks pizza control office, control office transfer this order to nearby customer outlet and sales man delivery pizza within 30 minutes to customer. If sales man fail to delivery pizza to there customer within 30 minutes company rules to cut $3 of the price. Here is the flowchart of Vicks pizza delivery system.

Take order by phone

Transfer order to outlets

Outlet transfer order to sales people

Salesman delivery product within 30 minutes

Cut $3 off the price fail to delivery within 30 minutes.

Flowchart of Vicks service delivery

There are many cases are involve to Vicks pizza delivery late problem mainly delivery system and employee motivation are main cases. We studies this case very carefully and find out some point those are mainly involve this problem like
Untrained sales employee
Careless driving

The company’s own records indicated that during the previous year, accidents involving Vick’s drivers had cost 20 lives, 18 of them during pizza runs. But it had declined to
specify how many of the victims were employee. So accidents must be one of the cases to delivery late.
Untrained sales employee
Untrained sales employee makes very much problems in any organization. Vicks anther problem is they are most of the sales employee are not trained properly and there many employee age level under 18 so this is anther factor are involve to late delivery.
Careless driving
Careless driving means accident and accident means lose time, lose life or got injure so that anther factor are involve in delivery late.

So it is very much clear that Vicks pizza delivery system and employee are very much involve for delivery late and also make accidents. Employee working system and company delivery system like 30 minutes delivery is also very much involve to delivery late.

2. How important is the thirty minute guarantee?

Thirty minute guarantee are very much importance for Vicks pizza. We know that speed is a key factor of any company sales strategy so Vicks pizza sales strategy main part is 30 minutes guarantee. The speed at hand had always been a key strategic thrust for Vick’s pizza, which used the slogan it’s quick at Vick’s pizza; The Company’s Restaurants Not only prepared pizza rapidly but also delivered it quickly. The company’s promise to home delivery a pizza within 30minutes of a phone order or to cut$3 off the price had boosted it from a single pizzeria 20 year.
Harry Capriccio, the senior vice president of marketing he declared. "The 30 minutes guarantee is very, very important to our customers sales could be head hit if we drop it".
Customer want they are product as soon as possible to they are hand and Vicks always try to delivery they are product to they are customer as soon as possible and that why they are sales outlet growing day by day. Vicks pizza have growing number of critics were saying that, in Vicks case, at least, speed was a killer but Vicks executive argued that the system did not promote fast or reckless driving "the speed takes place in the store not on road" but it is true customer like Vicks pizza because Vicks give there customer thirty minute delivery guarantee.

So we can say that thirty minutes guarantee is very very important and helpful for Vick pizza corporation and Customer like Vicks pizza because there 30 minutes guarantee but vicks pizza also have some unnecessary thing those are make accidents but it not necessary for vicks delivery system. But vicks also involve those kind of thing like hire school boy to be there sales boy, it kill vicks pizza reputation and make negative image to they are customer

3. How serious is the present situation for Vicks Pizza Corporation? How well has it handled the situation so far?

Present situation for Vicks Pizza Corporation is not very helpful because they are safety problem.
Company previous year made so many accidents by they are drivers and accidents kill not only people, it also kill company image and reputation to customer. The company’s own record indicated that during the previous year, accidents involving Vicks drivers had cast 20 lives, 18 of them during pizza runs, So company present situation not very good for they are customer.
Vicks pizza tries to handle the situation but they are not handled this situation very well. Vicks Pizza Corporation takes some action to build positive public image and a reputation as a generous donor to local community activities. Vicks main problem is there service delivery system but Vicks Pizza Corporation wasn’t taken any action against it and they also not pay necessary amount for accident victim. Many people believes that Vicks guarantee to deliver each pizza within 30 minutes or knock $ 3 off the price was just a license to speed and speed kills lives but vicks not change any thing to related there service system.
So here we can say that vicks pizza corporation present situation not very well and vicks not handled it well so far but they take some action but it was not enough to rebuild there positive public image.

4. If you are a senior manager of Vicks Pizza Corporation what do you think the company should do now? Why?

If am a senior manager of vicks Pizza Corporation and vicks Pizza Corporation give me power to take any necessary action, first I want to make some changes. We already know that vicks pizza already marked they are reputation in very badly so at first I want to rebuild vicks reputation.
So if any companies want to rebuild there reputation they are first work to remove any bad system or bad strategy so I want to change vicks delivery and company strategy. They are 30 minutes delivery guarantee is all right because it is a key strategy of vicks pizza and also customer love it but sometime it using wrongly by company employees like pizza deliver have enough time to delivery to customer but they try to be more advance and this cases driver made so many accidents, so first I would try to stop this quick driving. Vicks Pizza Corporation already makes so many critic and they are can be make big damage to company reputation, so first stop they are critics by do some social activates and also help those all accidents victim. Training can be key tool to stop accidents because we know that Vicks most of the employee are not very much trained for pizza delivery so we can trained all new and exiting employee to how they drive in rode when the delivery pizza. I think it can be very much impact on accidents minimization and also help Vicks to win good image to customer mind.
At the end of this case we can say that Vicks pizza corporation employee not enough trained and they wrong used they are service delivery system, most of the time they are try to be more advance that way they made so many accident and Vicks pizza corporation lose they are reputation and image. So some necessary action can be help Vicks pizza corporation to develop they are image and also our discussion and advice can help them to make correct decision.


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