Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Business communication

business communication is nothing new but something special because it is a specialised branch of general communication. process, types, methods etc. are the same with those of general communication but the only difference lies in their application to the situation. business deals with a wide range of economic activities and therefore it produces and sells for earning profit and here we can defin business communication as a flow of information accuring withiin the business environment with a specific formal motive.

In a broad sense, business communication can be defined as "the process of expressing any type of notice, instruction, reques, recommendation, perception, and the liking to a person or a number of persons within the organization or outside the organization, with view to inform them of any business data, decision instructions, objectives etc and expecting feedback from the receivers to secure action by the reciver.

so know we can define business communication as
1. a specialised branch of communication
2. it deals with internal and external business environment and generally with formal attitude.
3. it is focused to secure some action by receiver.
4. simple, concise and to the point language is used to draw attention, developing interest and inducing action.

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